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The Sanctuary

What is The Sanctuary?
The Sanctuary is the residential wing of the San Luis Clinic. The staff are the same and the scope of work covered is the same, but The Sanctuary is able to offer full time residential therapy rather than the usual consultancy provided by the San Luis Clinic.

The Purpose
The purpose of the Sanctuary is to return people to their real selves, to restore confidence, grow self esteem, and to enable them to regain control of their lives. Rather than remove control, the Sanctuary seeks to engender self reliance and self respect.

The Facilities
The Sanctuary offers self contained bungalows in an idyllic setting, where clients are encouraged to regain their independence and can look after their normal daily needs. Depending on the bungalow, clients may be able to receive visitors either on a daily basis or to stay for longer periods.

In addition to the bungalow, clients have access to a garden, swimming pool and pétanque court. Each bungalow has a television with Sky and ADSL broadband providing Internet access for those that wish to bring a laptop computer.

Terms and Conditions
An estimate is made at the commencement of therapy regarding the length of stay required. The bungalow is then reserved for that length of stay. Half of the total payment is made on booking and the remainder on arrival based on the number of weeks at the rate per week. In addition to therapy, clients should budget for their food requirements plus any other activities that they may request (see "other activities").

Therapy Provided
Each client receives one-to-one therapy six days a week. Therapy consists of psychotherapy but hypnosis is provided where it is appropriate. Therapy times may vary each depending on the availability of the therapist.

Programme Plan
Therapy is based on the concept that all psychological problems (even those that result in physical addictions), have a cause. It is the purpose of therapy to identify that cause and work with the client to resolve the problem no matter what it is. At the core is the belief that clients have the ability within themselves to resolve problems if they had the knowledge and skill to do so. The aim is therefore to empower and enable the client so that they can resolve their problems.

Therapy focuses on systematically working through the client’s life, identifying issues that have not been properly assimilated within the mind and deal with them. Taking responsibility for their lives, clients are enabled, with considerable support, to identify and deal with all aspects of their lives that are still outstanding.

Where some clients have become addicted to activities or substances to enable them to cope with their psychological difficulty, therapy is also used to change the concept of the addiction so that its use is not repeated in the future.

Total honesty is a requirement of therapy from both the client and therapist. A clear mind is needed to enable therapy to proceed so no alcohol or drugs are allowed on site unless approved in advance by staff.

Suitability of Treatment
Intensive therapy is suitable for most types of psychological complaint including the following: .

Addictions Anxiety Bereavement
Compulsions Confidence Building Depression
Panic Attacks Personal Development Phobias
Relationship Issues Self Esteem Tinnitus

Intensive therapy at The Sanctuary is not suitable for complaints that require ongoing medical attention, dementia, Alzheimer’s, or any form of psychosis.

Medical Support
A doctor is available should there be a need but in certain circumstances, where a client is attending The Sanctuary because of an addiction, a medical examination is mandatory. The cost of the initial medical examination is covered in the costs charged by The Sanctuary; all subsequent visits are at the cost of the client. By accepting the terms, the client agrees to allow staff at The Sanctuary to have access to the results of the doctor’s report.

Other Activities
Staff can organise other activities such as Reiki, a personal trainer, massage, hairdressing and beauty treatments. Where this results in a charge, the cost will be borne by the client. From time to time clients will need to leave the premises to purchase food and anything else needed for normal living. When this is necessary, there will always be someone who will assist.

Early Termination
If a client decides to terminate therapy prior to the expected end of programme due to the aims and objectives already being met or due to a change of mind of the client, fees paid are not refundable. Placements at The Sanctuary are reserved for the whole period once booked.

Visitors are allowed at The Sanctuary subject to prior approval by staff. Visits may be short term, such as a half day, or they may be for a longer term such as a week or more. Visitors can stay at the client’s bungalow and can take part in all activities with the exception of therapy. Where the need for therapy is due to violence in a partnership, staff will not allow the partner on site.

Under normal circumstances, pets are not allowed. Exceptions may be made but the needs and wishes of other residents must be taken into account. If pets are allowed, they are the responsibility of the client and any damage and cleaning of communal areas will be the responsibility of the client.

It is understood that by attending The Sanctuary, the client is accepting full responsibility for themselves, their actions and their safety. Therapy will not be successful unless the client is motivated and works fully with staff.

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