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Telephone Therapy


Many people have shown an interest in using the San Luis Clinic but traveling to Spain has put them off. As a result, we have developed Telephone Therapy which is a system available in any country where the client's standard of English is suitable. The old concept of therapy lasting months does not apply anymore. Most clients obtain relief in just a few sessions though some chronic conditions may require a few months.

Advantages of Telephone Therapy

Though face to face therapy is the most conventional, there are some real benefits of Telephone Therapy making it preferred in many cases.

  1. There is no expensive travel cost.
  2. There is no need to take time off work, or to find someone to look after children.
  3. Access to the Therapist is much easier.
  4. Telephone Therapy is more confidential because there is no need to attend a clinic.
  5. Complete anonymity can be offered.
  6. Telephone Therapy can be carried out in any part of the world.
  7. The anxiety or embarrassment of attending the clinic is removed.

Disadvantages of Telephone Therapy

There are few disadvantages of using Telephone Therapy, but these are the ones that clients have mentioned.

  1. Some communication is reduced by not being able to see the Therapist.
  2. There is no physical contact; just shaking hands gives comfort.
  3. Even though the therapy is good, sometimes the relaxing effect of hypnosis would be useful.
  4. Talking with a Therapist is not quite as personal as a face to face meeting.

The Scope for Therapy

Most psychological problems can be addressed using Telephone Therapy. The techniques used at the clinic are easily described and used resulting in rapid results that are usually permanent. Success can be obtained in dealing with anxiety, addictions, bereavement, low confidence, depression, IBS, insomnia, migraine, pain control, panic attacks, phobias, relationship problems, low self esteem, sexual problems, and stress.

Therapy Method

Telephone Therapy follows the same route as face to face therapy. It begins with a consultation, then an investigation into the cause of the problem. There follows a resolution of the initial cause of the problem and then a monitoring to assess the results. Further investigation may be needed together with problem resolution until the condition is resolved.

The Procedure

All that is required is to contact the Clinic to discuss the issue and to arrange a therapy session. Payment is then made and the client telephones at the agreed time. Therapy sessions are all of one hour duration and the cost is 50 per session. Obviously clients must take into account the cost of the call to Spain.

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