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There is now considerable evidence to demonstrate that alcoholism should be divided into two parts. There is obviously the physical dependence, which requires medical supervision over a period. There is also the psychological dependence, which is usually the initial trigger.

If you are an alcoholic, you will know that your dependence has a profound effect on everyone near you; it has the ability to destroy the lives of everyone around. It is also clear that although not genetically transferred, there is a high probability of alcoholism being passed on to your children by associating with you.

The San Luis Clinic has successful experience of working with alcoholics. The psychological dependence can be reduced and even eliminated within a relatively short time.

Complete honesty, not usually associated with alcoholism is necessary and expected from you when working with the Clinic. The factors that trigger your condition are fully investigated and dealt with. This is sometimes a difficult process but is well worth the effort involved. Sometimes you may know what the trigger is, in which case it is just a matter of reducing its impact.

Clinic staff are happy to work with you, your family or both. Initial discussions may be in a family group but therapy is always on an individual basis. Family members find that they often need therapy and this is readily provided.

The aim of the therapy is not to contain or reduce your dependence, but to get rid of the obsession that is the driving force. Coupled with medical advice from your physician, it is possible to be free of the physical craving and mental obsession for good.

There is no cure for alcoholism; you will never be able to drink again. If you have no desire to drink, however, this is not a problem.

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