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When you are faced with bereavement, your reactions are often confusing and unpredictable. Some of the strong emotions that you may feel are: guilt, anger, insecurity, denial, and confusion. In addition, you may go through them in an order starting with denial. Your unconscious mind is not prepared for this disaster and you are not ready to accept the sudden change in your life.

The psychological change is so profound that many people feel that it is unwise to make major decisions for two years.

The unconscious mind has to take time to come to terms with the bereavement and the time needed varies from person to person. During this adjustment period when the unconscious is processing, powerful emotions are sometimes thrust to the surface. This is when we suddenly break down and burst into tears, at any time and with no notice. We feel embarrassed and confused, apologizing to all around.

The therapy for bereavement takes time. It is necessary to discuss the details of the bereavement time and time again. This allows the unconscious to process the information faster. Hypnosis is used to speed up the internalization. Though each situation is different, there are often practical matters to be dealt with.

The aim of the therapy is to enable the bereavement to proceed with a shorter timescale. The aim is not to take away the feelings in the same way that drugs might, but to enable the person to deal with the issues arising; to enable the healing process.

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