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Do you ever feel the need to do something so strongly that it is a compulsion? Do you sometimes have to do something time and time again, just in case you have not done it properly? Compulsive behaviour is one of the more difficult states to deal with, but only because it takes more time.

The variety of compulsions is vast, ranging from the more easily recognized ones such as smoking or overeating to the more complex obsessive-compulsive disorders. The common factor is the drive to carry out some action. After a short period the compulsion is reinforced by habit, making a full recovery time consuming.

Within the unconscious mind, you have lots of learned programs that are there to assist you. Typical examples are learning to ride a bicycle or tying shoelaces. Sometimes programs are picked up unintentionally. It is these programs that cause unwanted behaviour; these are the compulsions that we want to stop.

If you are "strong" and fight the compulsion, you will feel anxiety and possible depression if prolonged. You are fighting yourself; the more you fight, the more your unconscious fights back.

The Clinic uses psychotherapy, hypnosis and non-hypnotic techniques to find the triggers. When the triggers are identified, they are reasoned away or otherwise dealt with using hypnosis. The investigation can take time and can result in going down many "blind alleys". Triggers can be multiple and even consecutive, making the final diagnosis difficult.

In all cases, the aim is to completely eradicate the compulsion. The Clinic has a good history in dealing with a variety of compulsions.

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