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Confidence Building

Confidence building is one of the more frequently requested treatments at the Clinic. People with low confidence do not like to try new things, or meet new people. There is a general feeling that "it probably won't go right" so it is better not to try. The lack of confidence builds over a period and the person gradually withdraws inside, the world going by untouched by the sufferer.

If you feel this way, take strength from the fact that the Clinic is used to helping people who feel like that. Just because you feel the future looks a little pessimistic does not mean it has to stay that way.

People with low confidence usually have underdeveloped inter-personal skills. They feel shy and generally avoid situations where they may need to meet people. This is usually coupled with a lack of assertiveness.

Undermining the confidence often begins at a very early stage. Unfortunately it is often the parents that have undermined the confidence but are unaware of the fact. Sometimes the fault lies in the school or even the siblings. It is useful to identify the underlying cause and change it. This usually requires digging into the past using a range of techniques that are unique to the Clinic.

The psychotherapy, supported by hypnotherapy usually results in dramatic changes. The aim is to restore or create a feeling of confidence; to give you a feeling that you can do things rather than expect to fail. You will be much more assertive, able to work with people in a calm, relaxed and confident manner.

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