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Self Esteem

Do you sometimes feel that you are invisible? Even when you are in a shop trying to buy something, do you find that people do not notice you? These are typical symptoms of a person suffering with low self esteem.

If you have a poor opinion of yourself, you will project it to others. As a result, they will fail to notice you, it seems as if you are invisible. The problem does not lie with other people failing to take notice of you; it is you failing to be noticed.

When you do not feel positive about yourself, you tend to avoid eye contact. You may have opinions but tend to keep them to yourself. You avoid eye contact in case someone asks you a question and you may have to speak up while everyone is listening.

You were not born this way; low self esteem is not in your genes. The problem lies in the way that you were brought up. The likelihood is that you had strong or dominating parents and somehow they made you feel that you should be more retiring.

The condition can be corrected, but with a lifetime of holding yourself back, it takes a while to put yourself forward. It will not seem natural to you. The conditioning that you received as a child has to be changed so that you can be your real self. The process of increasing your self esteem starts with a full discussion of your early life. During the process you will be able to see where your childhood limited you and how it could be corrected.

The Clinic uses a combination of psychotherapy and hypnotherapy to reverse this early conditioning. It takes time to change the views of a lifetime but you are worth it. Small changes appear at first and each small success will result in further successes. After a while, you and people around you will notice the changes.

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