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Hot Flushes

If you want to get rid of the flushes, come to the Clinic. If you cannot come to the Clinic, use the therapy on CD.

No woman should ever have to suffer flushes. The Clinic has developed a treatment that will enable you to eliminate, or substantially reduce your problem. You need never have the embarrassment or discomfort of flushes ever again.

San Luis Clinical trials took place in 2003, to confirm the validity of earlier trials that took place in Canada. When participants attended the Clinic for only two therapy sessions, the number of flushes, the intensity and duration were all reduced. By the fourth treatment, all flushes had been completely eliminated in 85% of the participants. The remainder continued to experience a few flushes of much milder intensity and shorter duration. All participants reported feeling more calm and relaxed.

Medical science is not aware of what causes flushes but in the same way that migraine and stress can be managed, flushes can be managed too. The Clinic's treatment works by training the inner mind to deal with the symptoms of flushes. As a result, without any conscious involvement by you, your mind does all that is needed for you to be flush free.

Good News!

The treatment for flushes is one of a range that can be dealt with by using a CD produced by a Clinic Hypno-Psychotherapist. Instead of attending the Clinic, it is possible to obtain similar benefits by playing a recording of a therapy session. By playing the CD for just a few days, you would already be able to see benefits. After just one week, all flushes should be eliminated.

You should be able to enjoy your life with increased confidence unhindered by such debilitating embarrassment. There is no need to buy pills or potions every month when a single purchase of the therapy CD will solve the problem. No one wants to be dependent on drugs to live a normal life.

You will not be using just a CD to solve your problem; you will be using a whole therapy treatment which has been proven to work time and time again. Because the remedy does not require direct Psychotherapist time, the treatment is available at only €29.50 plus post and packing. When you are ready to be flush free for good, contact us.

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