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Most people suffer from the occasional bad night, but when it goes on for weeks, months or years, it can be quite devastating. Insomnia can be either the inability to fall asleep or the inability to stay asleep. Sometimes you may find that your sleep is so light, that any minor disturbance will wake you.

Insomnia can be dangerous as well as debilitating. A lack of sleep makes you unsociable, unable to drive or sometimes even work. The usual solution, pills from the doctor, can be habit forming. As a result, in addition to the insomnia, you may be dependent on sleeping pills that have ceased to work for you.

The cause of the problem lies in your unconscious mind. It may be that something has happened and you are feeling worried or anxious. Unfortunately, after a short period of not sleeping, the mind makes a habit of not sleeping, making the problem worse.

The sleeping pills prescribed by your doctor are designed to establish a new habit, that of going to sleep. Once the habit of sleeping is restored, the pills should be discontinued. Time after time, staff at the Clinic see clients that have tried various treatments including sleeping tablets for many years, and even including large quantities of alcohol.

The origin of the insomnia must be found. This is carried out by using a variety of psychotherapeutic techniques. Once this has been identified, it is possible to improve the sleeping pattern. This must be reinforced over a period so that the habit of poor sleeping is also dealt with.

The aim of the therapy is to restore a normal sleeping pattern. A normal sleeping pattern is the norm for you, and not the eight hours a night that we believe we need.

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