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Pain Control

Pain is an important message from the body that there is some form of damage or trauma being sustained. Because this is an important message, reducing or eliminating the pain can only be undertaken with care. It is always wise to consult a doctor to ensure that the pain is not the symptom of something more serious.

Once the nature of the pain has been confirmed, the way is clear to undertaking pain control. Pain control using hypnosis has been used for many centuries; it was the only anaesthetic before chemical anaesthetics were invented. There are, however, two alternatives, being anaesthesia and analgesia.

Anaesthesia is obtained when you feel no feeling. Analgesia is obtained when you have no pain but still feeling. You are most likely to consider hypnosis to control your pain when it is chronic rather than acute pain. Acute pain is most usually dealt with by pharmaceuticals.

There are two main types of pain, being physical and psychosomatic. If you are in pain, you will not be interested which form of pain it is, just getting rid of it. Treatment at the Clinic, however, differs depending on the type.

Physical pain is dealt with in a variety of ways and treatment can be quite successful. Psychosomatic pain is dealt with by using psychotherapy. If the pain has a psychological basis, then it has to be treated using the unconscious mind. The Clinic has also been successful with this treatment.

The Clinic will need confirmation from a doctor regarding the cause of the pain. The Clinic will only proceed when staff are sure that there is no underlying trauma. The aim in most cases is to eliminate the pain. In some circumstances, a reduction may be all that is achievable but to most people this is quite acceptable.

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