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Phobias are particularly strong fears relating to something. It may relate to situations such as enclosed spaces (claustrophobia) or it may relate to objects such as animals or spiders. Sometimes the phobia may be obvious in its origin (once bitten, twice shy), but it may also be obscure. Few of us have actually had a close encounter with a rat, but almost all of us feel a sense of revulsion.

If you have a phobia (most of us have at least one) then you may be interested in dealing with it. If the phobia does not get in the way of life, then you may feel it is better to leave it alone. When the phobia interferes with your life and makes it unpleasant, it is better to seek help.

Phobias come from a variety of sources. It is understandable to be afraid of large black dogs if you were mauled by one as a child. This is an example of a phobia that is acquired by experience. You may also acquire a phobia by observation. If, as a child, you watched your mother panicking when she saw a mouse, there is a strong possibility that you will acquire her phobia.

There are many treatments for phobias. There is a method called "flooding" which is exposing yourself directly to your phobia. This has the effect of either disposing of it, or making it worse by reinforcing it.

At the Clinic we do not use flooding, as it is too traumatic. We use a combination of psychotherapy and systematic desensitisation. This allows you to become accustomed to the stimulus without the trauma. When your unconscious mind becomes accustomed to the stimulus whilst still feeling relaxed, the phobia ceases to exist.

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