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Relationship Issues

A large proportion of marriages end in divorce, and though some survive, they survive in a hostile environment. There are many marriages that have become "empty shell" marriages, where each partner is going a different way, but they still live in the same house.

Where there are these relationship issues, the Clinic can work with either or both parties. Your aim may not be reconciliation; it may be to bring about a spilt that is amicable. If there is to be a split, the aim may be to obtain "closure" by either or both parties so that your lives can go on without the powerful emotions that usually accompany a divorce.

We see the symptoms of a poor relationship regularly; the lack of feeling for each other, the indifference. We also see partners living separate lives, arguments over trivia, the lack of trust and eventually separation.

You may have financial difficulties, or there may be infidelity by you or your partner. Perhaps issues have arisen and you simply do not communicate as well as you should. Often there is no one to blame, simply that you and your partner have changed over time and now have little in common.

Whatever the issues, the Clinic can assist you in making a decision about your future. The decision will always be yours but you may need help in coming to terms with what you decide. The decision needs to be absorbed deep within so that you have no inner conflicts, worries or anxieties.

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