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Public Speaking

We all find ourselves in a position, sooner or later, when we are required to speak to a large group. Though speaking is a natural thing to do, when it involves a large audience, most of us feel fearful.

Whether you need to make full-scale business presentations or just to groups socially, it takes preparation and rehearsal to ensure that a talk appears natural and for you to feel at ease. You may envy people that you see who appear to be so natural; in reality they plan their talks carefully and rehearse time and time again.

The Clinic addresses the problem in three ways. Firstly we use psychotherapy to find out if there are any reasons why you feel nervous about public speaking. Secondly, we use systematic desensitization to reduce your anxiety. Thirdly, we teach you how to prepare and present your speech.

We often find that practice is an important element. This reduces the underlying fear whilst refining the talk, making it flow and sound spontaneous. Though it is true that there are numerous techniques that are useful when giving a talk to a group, probably the most important element is reducing the anxiety.

The aim of the therapy is to enable you to plan and carry out a talk for either business or social purposes in a calm and relaxed manner. Once this has been accomplished, the formula is set and you will have the skills and confidence to do something similar without anxiety in the future.

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