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Tinnitus is the sensation of sound when there is no external sound source.

If you are a sufferer, do not despair, there is a remedy that can reduce or even eliminate your tinnitus.

Tinnitus is not a sickness. Approximately 17% of the world's population suffer with tinnitus. In America it is estimated that 50 million people suffer with the problem. Of the 50 million, about 12 million seek medical attention and of that group, about 7 million feel that normal life is not possible.

Some tinnitus is age related with hair cell loss in the cochlea resulting in the condition. High blood pressure or even too much wax may cause tinnitus. If the cause is Meniere's disease, which is a build up of fluid in the inner ear, treatment is possible and hearing may return to normal. Repeated bouts of Meniere's may result in permanent reduction in hearing.

Some medications can aggravate tinnitus. If you are a sufferer, you may be wise to avoid caffeine, alcohol, tobacco, quinine, aspirin, monosodium glutamate and some antihistamines.

The medical profession has no cure for tinnitus. There are alternative remedies that claim to cure you, there is little proof that they work.

The San Luis Clinic has developed a new concept in treating tinnitus.

It is now possible to train the unconscious mind to recognise tinnitus and filter it out. The result is that tinnitus is still there, but you cannot hear it.

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